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About Ragi

My photography is a collision between passion and culture. It finds the and perfect blend of the new world and a touch of the old one. It is a love story that is played out in still images that enrich the soul and highlight the most important moments in your life.


Tell your story.

From the makeup application to the final goodnight kiss, I want to be there to tell your love story. I put my heart into each wedding I shoot and that is why I offer a comprehensive, all-day package. This gives me the opportunity to highlight both the big and small moments and provide you with a much more dynamic, polished final product.

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Make a splash.

I am able to bring a creative splash to fashion photography by combining my rich, cultural perspective with pure imagination. Starting right from the beginning with careful attention detail, I can bring the story board to life. With the different designs and elements working together to create a sense of surprise, my fashion photography tells as much of a story as a full wedding shoot.

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Find the spark.

There are a set of guidelines that must be followed when shooting photography for a brand. I will help you to hit the right marks that keep your photography on brand while injecting life and culture to break the mold. The key is understanding your brand and what you want to accomplish with your photos to make you stand out from your competitors.

Tell Me Your Story Over Tea.

No matter the project, there is always an underlying story. Let me blend together elements of your life, and share that story through photography.