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Meet Ragi


Thank you so much for coming to my new website. Here is where I want to share with you a better look at what I do, from the work it takes behind the scenes to the moments that I capture. My photography spans from commercial and fashion to weddings and boudoir. My goal is always to make my clients as happy and comfortable as possible and by sharing my process I hope to give you some insight into what working with me is like.

Meet the Photographer Ragi Labib

I moved to Canada from Egypt when I was 27 and it is my heritage that brings a new perspective to my art, allowing me to stand out from other photographers in Canada. I enjoy mixing and matching styles to create harmony in my photography and create the perfect look and feel for the project that I am working on. I am a world traveller and have a great appreciation for culture and history. Through my travels I have encountered many language barriers which have only fuelled my passion for working in a medium that doesn’t get lost in translation. Photography knows only feelings and emotions, not words.

Photography is like a puzzle I just can’t wait to solve. Combining elements of soul, warmth, and a collision of colours and culture allow me to put the pieces together with great detail into the final project.

One of the best parts about being a photographer here in Kelowna is getting the chance to work with my talented wife Saara Labib. Her eye for colour and detail makes her a very talented Makeup Artist. I am in awe of her talent, and love the chance to photograph her work.

My Photography Process

What sets me apart from other photographers is truly my in-depth process when working with clients. You are the most important part of the photography process and I will take the time to make sure that your expectations are met and you feel calm and confident on the big day. No matter what the photography project, I want to capture more than just a moment, I want to tell the perfect story.

Let’s Talk Photography Over Tea

If you are looking for attention to detail that is unmatched and a unique perspective, I would be happy to drink some tea and discuss your project.