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Meet My Photography Clients: Rosa Lash

Business Name:Rosa Lash

Industry: Lash Extension

Business Owner(s): Roya & Sara Zarkob


The Need

My journey with Rosa Lash stemmed from previous work that I completed for the Zarkob family. The photographs that I captured for those projects caught the eye of family members, Roya and Sara, who then reached out to me. Over tea we discussed their new website that would soon be launching and the imagery that would be required to properly showcase their skills.

The Zarkob sisters had already built a flourishing business in the Okanagan with refined clientele and wanted to convey their focus of high-end fashion techniques with a modern, editorial look. Rosa Lash specifically required a variety of headshots as well as outdoor shots for use on their social media outlets. Roya and Sara brought forth a few photographic examples that had a similar feel to their desired style, which indicated that high-quality editing/retouching techniques would be required.

The First Meeting

We started our meeting by focusing on what message Rosa Lash was attempting to portray. Discovering their “image” and vision was crucial to me, as it would be the source of inspiration for everything we created from there on out.

Delightful conversation revealed that the source of Rosa Lash’s creativity was derived from the sisters personalities themselves. Their love for fashion, cast in an artistic light became the source of energy for their project.

Creative Concepts and the Shoot

Ultimately the concept became centred around utilizing a strong contrast between a deep, dark backdrop, and the bright vibrant faces of the sisters. This technique pulls the viewers eye right to the model, perfectly highlighting the eyebrow extensions in use.

The actual shoot was a long day full of fashion, laughing and excitement. We had so much fun and everyone on set was really thrilled to see how great the first images turned out, even before editing and retouching. All the headshots were done in a studio, then we headed outdoors to various locations in Kelowna to capture some spontaneous pictures of the sisters walking on the streets, enjoying coffee, etc. All the outdoor shots were supported solely by natural light, creating a more organic result.


Typically I complete all of my own editing, however for this project I really wanted to tap into a raw and authentic fashion source and worked with one of the top retouchers in Europe to complete this project. I have worked with this individual for many years and found great synergy here combining my own style with a European touch.

Ragi Labib Rosa Lash Photography Photographer Kelonwa Professional Portrait

The Result

From start to finish, this was an amazing project where everything transfered from the storyboard to reality perfectly; truly embodying the vision that Roya, Sara and I all created together.

As a photographer, the greatest moment I can ever experience is when I detect true excitement and joy in the eyes of my client. Roya and Sara were both very pleased with the end results and really appreciated the small details that made the entire project come together. I will be working with Rosa Lash further to build on the theme of this project when completing the rest of their website.  

If you have a project and are looking for creative direction and execution, have tea with me today!